Lost wax casting

Casting Equipment: Electronic furnace, cupola furnace, medium frequency furnace, line frequency furnace 150KG/250KG/300KG/500KG/750KG/1T/1.5T/2T/3T
Green/Resin sand molding line and casting line
Shell molding machine
Lost foam casting molding & casting lines
Used sand recycling machine

Sometimes called by the French name of cire perdue or the Latin cera perduta, is the process by which steel is casted; in industrial uses, the modern process is called investment casting. An ancient practice, the process today varies from foundry to foundry, but the steps which are usually used in casting small steel in a modern steel foundry are generally quite standardized.

Alloy Steel:ASTM 430;ASTM410;ASTM 416,ect.Carbon Steel:WCB,AISI1020;AISI1045;S355J2G3,S235JR,ect.Stainless Steel:SS304;SS316;SS316L;17-4 PH;ect.Copper:C21000;C26800;C27000;C27200,ect.